Zabava For Mon Sher

10-11.10.2015- Komarom. Derby CACIB SHOW, Crufts Qualification 2016
kleinspitz, open class:

Zabava For Mon Sher - Excellent, 2xCAC,CACIB, R.CACIB, BOB, Crufts Qualification 2016.
(f. Milashka Pom Gordyi Gepard-m.Ohara Skarlet)

br. Valerie Bayever, ow. Ella Shapovalova /Mon Sher kennel

Thank you very much judges: Sanja Vreteničic(MN) and Korozs Andras(HU).
Special BIG THANKS to the handler Svetlana Bachurina  for training and showing our girl ! 
You did an excellent work!

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